stefan fraunberger is a composer & sound-performer with a distinct interest in transformation. engaging in an electro / acoustic dialogue with unconventional instruments such as dulcimers or decaying baroque church organs, his music reshapes the liminal conditions of culture & perception, while evoking images of „sonic ambiguity / touching the void.“ (the wire, uk).

interested in the recontextualisation of archetypal musical architectures & the shaping of fluid sonic sculptures, fraunberger aims to translocate the polarities of difference. his compositions and performances work their way through „nature's very own modular patch“ (the wire) capturing otherwordly fragments & bewilderment. the possibilities of relations & presence are the basic ingredients for his non-linear approach.

the study of different languages, traditions, modernities & experimental electronic music influences works intermediating the fields of soundart, vocal & instrumental compositions, film & writing. he has performed at inter- and outernational festivals and released on various labels. having lived and worked in cities as aleppo, sana'a, london, tehran, sibiu, benares, brussels & istanbul he is now based in vienna.

"between melodies and noise washes, that never stop being engaging and provocative" (quietus), „aural narratives don't come more stunning / there’s an uncanny beauty both to fraunberger’s seemingly absurd actions & to the, frankly, amazing results" (4against5), „megalithic sonic sculptures... fraunberger's approach to transition is ceaslessly inventive“ (auralaggr.), „ highly dissonant madness bordering the realms of lurking entities populating an intersecting parallel universe“ (nitestylez), „eschewing the pomp of sacred music for the fragile drone of an organic death knell“ (the wire), „poetic conceptualism / irritating hegemonial conditions“, (strelka),...

he recently premiered the commissioned work "barzakh – hearafter / inbetween" for electromagnetic santur (dulcimer), selected recordings & invisibility at donaufestival, krems & is currently working on his upcoming release "quellgeister #3“ as well as on different works concerning derangement, vortex and the unthinkable. fraunberger is part of shapeplatform 2017.


© zara pfeifer

JA / NEIN / نعم / لا / DA / NU / نه / بله / OUI / NON / 是的 / 没有 / დიახ არ / ναί / όχι / לא / כן / হাঁ / না / já / nei / បាទ / គ្មាន / да / нет